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lunedì 2 luglio 2012

eXcort v1.5 For BH Universes 1.6x / 1.7x

eXcort HD v1.5 for BH Universes Image v1.6.x and v1.7.x


pacchet full : eXcortHD_1.5_bh174_full
Contains bootlogos, installing this package blackhole in the universe will not have the possibility to recover more bootlogos the original will be replaced by those present in the skin eXcort

pacchet Lite : eXcort 1.5 bh 174 lite
Not contain the panels of bootlogos, can be safely installed in the blackhole universe, none of the default skin will be replaced or modified

Pachet bootlogos : eXcortHD_1.5_bh174_bootlogos
Install only the 4 panels to replace existing ones, the changes are final and original panels will not be restored (unless they proceed manually their replacement)

As soon as written, is valid ONLY if you work in the blackhole universe, and is also clear that is not contraindication if the universe
Active is a chaos, avalon or ghost, because any change to one or more of these universes has no effect on the upper level.

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