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sabato 21 maggio 2022

UPDATE !!!!! Picons Update 20/05/2022

Motor 0.8W/45W -  3E/70E - DTT Ita

  Massive Update Picons of all channels
Optimized Depth

Format 417x250-220x132-130x80-100x60-50x30
picons created using the vHannibal Motor settings

New Set

All Picons format Name Truecolor 417x250

Created WithE2Picons
by mmark

UPDATE !!! Picons Black New Motor Set - by mmark 20/05/2022

FORMAT 417x250-220x132

sabato 26 febbraio 2022

EChanelizer 22 soon

An Amazing New Version of the famous program
Renewed in graphics and functions

domenica 25 luglio 2021

ZSkin-FHD Released v1.6.0 Update

Soon v. 1.6 - 
Added the covers in some panels, The service is TMDB and you need to generate your own ApiKey to be able to use it.
The covers can be enabled through the Style plugin, the apikey can be inserted from the style plugin to use the cover system

Aggiunto le copertine in alcuni pannelli, Il servizio è TMDB ed occorre generare una propria ApiKey per poterlo utilizzare.
Le cover possono essere abilitate attraverso il plugin Style, sempre dal plugin style puo essere inserita l'apikey per utilizzare il sistema cover

SKIN Zeta v1.5.0 by mmark 12/04/2021
Compatible with All Dreambox Images
Optimized for Gemini 4.1
Support Dream Elite os 7.1
Support for other Image based  OpenDreambox 2.5 - 2.6 

FIX 10/04 change code of ipkg module
Add Style Plugin
Add new panels style 


Add Style Plugin

Add New Panels Channel Selection

Add New MediaPlayer Style

Full Zeta v1.5 Manual Installation


Old Version Zeta v1.4.0

Please leave a message for any bug. thx 

Old Version for 2.5 Images
Download v1.3.1 ZIP
Download v1.3.1 DEB

venerdì 14 maggio 2021

lunedì 7 dicembre 2020

mmPicons Plugin v1.0 UPDATE 07/12/2020

UPDATE 07/12/2020

mmpicons is a plugin to download and install picons, skins or plugins from the mmark blog

created by Lululla